Language and Word Development Resources

Here are some sources of information on spoken language development in the early years. Please be aware that every child learns at different times, and that these are general guidelines. If you have any concerns on your child's develpment please contact the Tumbler Ridge Children's Centre for an Ages and Stages assessment which will be specific to your child, or speak to the South Peace Child Development Centre about an appointment.

Tumbler Ridge Children's Centre Society 
Phone: 242-4503

South Peace Child Development Centre
Phone: (250) 782-1161

Articles on Laungage Development & Milestones:

  1. Some general information:
  2. Stages and what to expect from 0-3 years:
  3. Some resources that you may be interested in:
  4. Stages of language development:
  5. Language development in children from birth to 8 yrs old:
  6. has some info on milestones:
  7. The School District 59 Early Learning page has some extra resources on their site:

Speach and Language Resources: